Terms Of Service

RecoverySimps TOS

1.We do not offer refunds/swaps on any products.

2.Chargebacks will result in a ban from the server and also a ban from whatever product you bought, if we win the dispute we will be keeping the money and you will lose access to the product.

3.If you purchase a product you’re expected to follow their TOS if you break their TOS and get your key/account banned it is out of our jurisdiction  we will not give any refunds/swaps.

4.Please keep in mind when purchasing a “lifetime menu” that “lifetime” is the lifetime of the product meaning it will not be around forever. If something were to happen to a product such as it were to close down we still will not be offering refunds/swaps.

5.Although some of these menus are compatible with grand theft auto online we do not condone cheating in online as it breaks rockstars terms of service and gives them every right to remove your access to granf theft auto online.

Our tos may change at any time without notice. By purchasing a product from RecoverySimps you agree to our terms of service

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